Eight Daily Habits I am Cultivating to be a Successful, Happy Entrepreneur

Want to be a happy entrepreneur?  A few months ago, I finally bit the bullet and started diversifying my creative entrepreneurial endeavours. I wrote my first ebook, started this blog and some other stuff that I may not be talking about today. But, what I am trying to say here is that it hasn’t been an easy ride.
I have had to wear so many shoes that I never imagined would fit and I am rocking them perfectly if I do say so myself.
There’s this perception that being an entrepreneur automatically makes you a happy, successful person with a lit work-life balance. But those of us walking this path have realised that this is far from the truth. Let me just be sincere with you. Entrepreneurship is hard. Truthfully, it’s harder than the 7-to-6 (aka 9-to-5). At least I have both experiences having worked in banking for a few years.
You will want to quit so many times. You will have so many ups and downs. Some things will not just workout regardless of the effort you put in and some things are beyond your control.
However, today’s post discusses how we can thrive and be happy while being successful as entrepreneurs. There are eight of them listed, and I have been gradually incorporating these into my daily routine and find that I feel more lively and happier. You too can try them out if you want to be a happy entrepreneur.

Getting a creative skill or a hobby

Even if your duties as an entrepreneur lies towards the creative sphere, it sometimes starts to feel like work. This is because even when you do not feel like it, you have to do the job. After all, you have to earn a living. For this reason, you should inject some other creative activity into your routine. One that you do not necessarily have to earn from. This way you have a creative, fun outlet to unwind from the daily hassles. For me, I like to ‘Netflix and chill’. Get your mind outta the gutter…not that kinda chill.

Connecting and networking with people

Isolation is just one of the many downsides of being an entrepreneur. As a solopreneur (a person who sets up and runs a business on their own), I can go days and even weeks without talking to anyone or connecting with people, well except for my kids. Over time, though, I have come to realize that this is not good for my personal or professional life.
Some benefits come with networking asides from gaining new and fresh perspectives. However, because of my kids (and being that I do not have a nanny), I cannot physically go out to meetings or hangouts for now. So, I compensate with social media groups and communities that I belong to.

Taking a walk

Integrating walks into your daily routine is a good way to disengage and clear the mind. Just like I mentioned earlier it’s easy for one to get carried away and stay cooped up indoors all day working and out of touch with his/her surroundings. Where you cannot easily establish that connection that can bring a fresh take on ideas through networking, taking daily walks will come in handy to clear the mind, refresh and ultimately improve productivity.


Decluttering your mind from wandering ideas helps you to be a happy entrepreneur. It helps you to keep your focus on other issues. You do not have to keep everything stored in your mind. Start by writing everything down. Lately, note-taking apps have become my best friend, Evernote in particular. I use the Evernote app on my phone because it’s easy to use and it synchronizes with the Evernote on my Mac. So anything I write in Evernote on my phone is automatically accessible on my MacBook. Easy life there.

Delegating tasks

This is one I am just beginning to learn as I grow in my professional life. For some of us delegating tasks comes naturally. For others like me, we have to learn it. To be a happy entrepreneur you have to learn delegation.
Why have delegating tasks been an issue for me? For one, I like to do things by myself. Two, chasing people around to do things that I can do isn’t fun for me. But, as my business expands every day, I see that I can’t do it all and so have begun delegating. One of the perks to delegating tasks that I am enjoying is having to get some me time and being physically and emotionally present for my kids. I have always been physically present but usually swamped with work and easily get irritated when distracted by them. But things are better now.
You could delegate anything, from things that slow down your productivity such as distractions (babysitting), time-consuming tasks (shopping and cooking), unavoidable tasks (doing the dishes, laundry). For those still struggling with delegating tasks, I can tell you two ways you can start learning the art of delegation. One, delegate your smaller tasks. Two, delegate things you are not good at.

Using positive affirmation

Some mornings, I listen to podcasts or Youtube channels that uplift my spirit. I rid my mind of all negativity because I know the power of the mind. Look at your goals every morning believing that they are achievable, by taking the time to slow down and recognize that you scaled some of your past goals that seemed unachievable at the time. I just started this and I find that it helps keep my momentum strong.

Disengaging completely

Whatever this means to you personally. It could be going off social media for a while, It could mean taking a one-week break from work activities. It could mean going on vacation, visiting family for the weekend, going to the gym, playing with the kids. Anything that helps you disengage, relax, reset your mind and recharge for the next day could help you be a happy entrepreneur.

Going to bed early

Recently, this hasn’t been one of my strong points. Maybe it’s the kids, I don’t know. However, going to bed at a reasonable time -say 11 pm, help you rise earlier and ensures that you get your recommended eight hours sleep. You will be well-rested and take better advantage of your mornings for your meditation, morning walk/run,  gym and/or yoga so that you can have a good day’s start.
So, there you have it, take one of these at a time and practice in your daily activities. Even if you do not take anything out of this list, at the very least try delegation. The ability to delegate is an essential one to develop and master. You do more in less time and your business will grow considerably. It can only get better from there.

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