Google Search Tips and Tricks to Help You Search Faster

Google search tips for faster search

Google search tips and hacks if mastered and memorised will save you a lot of time in getting the resources you want when you search. Just by typing a few keywords, you can achieve near-instantaneous access to all of the world’s collected information. Thousands of people use Google to search every second for different reasons ranging from research, studies, and entertainment. However, sometimes, we look for something specific, and we need to explore the depth of the world’s information but can’t seem to get the right search. 

With the right keywords and search queries, you can research faster on Google. However, there are ways to use research more quickly using Google to get the exact result you want. If you have ever struggled to get the results you want, then sit, relax and grab a cup of tea while we dive in to listing out 26 Google search tips and hacks to help you use Google more effectively.

26 Google Search Tips and Hacks to Research Faster on Google

1. Using Quotes Around the Query to Search for the Exact Order of Search Term

One powerful Google search hack to research more quickly on Google is to use quotes around the query when running a search to get the exact order match result. When you try to run a search on a particular keyword, Google will always release the most relevant results, which may also include rearrangement of the keywords. Google may also substitute words with synonyms to explain what it thinks you are trying to search instead. Therefore, for a precise search result, and to get it in the particular order in which you typed it, use quotation mark. For example Searching “Natural Human hair” weave will only bring back results that include all those words, in that order. However, a search for Natural Human Hair weave (without quotations) will bring back a different set of results, which have all those words, but not necessarily in the order you searched for.

2. Use of OR, AND, NOT to Include or Exclude Terms

If you are acquainted with the coding process, you will be able to apply the Boolean logic when you run searches on Google, and if you are not, you can learn. It is straightforward to understand. Google will always include all related words from your search list, except you are specific with your comments. So, by typing OR, AND, NOT between terms used helps Google look for a particular word or the other. For example, when searching for Cinemas in either Lagos State or Ogun State, it should look like this; Cinemas in Lagos OR Ogun or Cinemas in Lagos AND Ogun to either include or exclude certain terms.

3. The Use Of – To Exclude terms on Google Search

Another one of Google search tips for a faster search to get an exact search result is to exclude a word from Google search by adding the dash or minus (-) sign in front of the word. Using this Google search hack can be a little tricky, so let’s see an example for better clarification. Let’s say you are looking for America top schools but don’t want South America top schools as search results. You can have Google exclude the word “South”. The only thing you are required to do is type in the dash or minus (-) sing before South like -South America top schools. Using the ““ sign helps filter the search results for more precise options.

4. Find a Web Page that Links to Another Web Page or Article.

This Google search tip can be used when you want to see websites that referenced another website. For example: If you want to see who cited a Forbes article on their site, you would use this hack to find all the sites that link to that site or particular article. Example of a use case

This google search tip will return all web pages that link to the Forbes official website. The URL on the right side can basically be anything. Also note that the more specific it is, the fewer search results you’ll find.

5. Get All Words in a Text Block

To explore Google potential and to research better, here is another Google search tip for you to find results of your Google search, only in site’s body text and ignore links, URLs, and titles. How does this Google tip work? Use Google’s “allintext” syntax to run a search on a site’s body text but ignoring the links, titles, and URLs. For example, you want to find information on digital marketing conferences 2020; all you have to do is enter the keywords like this: allintext:digital marketing conferences 2020.

6. Search Words within Text + Title + URL

Next on my Google search tip is finding website pages where your search terms are in different locations which could be text, title, URL. To use this Google hack enter “intext” before adding your keywords. For example, let’s say you are carrying out a search for a blog post on oatmeal’s nutritional benefits; all you have to do is type the words like this; intext:nutritional benefits oatmeal. With this kind of search, Google will then search for “nutritional” only in the body text, “benefits” and “oatmeal” can be expected results from either body text, page title, and URL.

7. Google Search in the Title (for One Word)

Are you looking to search for a particular word inside a web page title and another set elsewhere on the web page? Well, the Google search tip to Google search in a title is to merge “intitle” into your search keywords. For example, if you are seeking a technology blog that uses the word advance in its title, all you have to do is combine the “intitle” into the keyword and search. Combine the words like this: technology blogs intitle:advance.

8. Google Search in Title (for Multiple Words)

You can also search a particular web page title for different words lined up on your list. What you really need to do is blend in “allintitle” before typing the search words. Let’s say you are looking for a blog post for the best Sushi restaurants in Arizona, what is required for you to do is type in the search words like this: allintitle:best sushi food in Arizona.

9. Search for all Your Keywords Within the URL

Want to search for keywords inside a URL? That is relatively easy and straightforward. All you have to do is insert “allinURL” before the keyword. For example, if you are scouting for an article on “SEO words research” and want to restrict the search results to URLs that contain only your selected keywords. You write the keywords like this: allinURL:seo words research.

10. Search a Keyword within a Selected Website

You can search for a particular keyword within a website, use the “site” syntax before the URL website, and then follow your search keywords. With this, Google search will restrict the search results to a particular website. Let me break this down a little further, If you want results from within only one site, use site: followed directly by the site URL you wish to use. You must include the site’s domain, i.e. imposter and not site:chimela imposter. This Google search tip is used only searching within websites even without an organic search function.

11. Google Search Related or Similar Words

You can also seek out related keywords and use the ~ get the synonyms related to your keywords. For example, you can return exact search results for digital marketing along with keywords related to best practices, tips, and schemes by merely entering the search keywords like this: “digital marketing” ~schemes.

12. Google Search Definitions

You can find the definition of a keyword without having to use a website dictionary. You can find the description of a word by adding “define” before your keyword. Looking for the definition of publication? Just type define:publication and Google search will deliver the description and audio phonetic pronunciation and—when available—a detailed etymology.

 13. Google Search for Price Options

Want to find price options on Google Search? Try this Google search tip. Just add the “$” sign before the price number to return the price based search on the result. For example, to search for Amazon electronics in the $100 range, just include the keyword $number like this’ amazon electronics $100.

14. Google Search for Missing or Unknown Words

Are you trying to figure out the missing word? You can try this Google search tip to let Google fill in the missing words by simply adding the “*” to the word search. Let’s say you are looking for the remaining words for song lyrics? For example, Twinkle twinkle * star. This query gets you the full lyrics of the song including the missing word.

15. Google Search Translations

One of the functional Google search tips is the ability to translate other languages. To translate words on Google search, add the “translate” along with the word plus the new language. For example, if you are looking to translate the phrase “the boy is dancing” to French, simply write translate keyword new language. You can translate the example like this,  translate the boy is dancing to French.

16. File Type on Google search

Want to find file types like PDFs, PowerPoint, excel on Google search, just use the “filetype” command. Trying to find only an excel spreadsheet on football training plans? Type in the keywords like this football training plan filetype:pdf

17. Area Code Search on Google Search

The best Google search tip to find where an area code is located is to enter the term ‘area code’ plus the three-digit area code, and then Google will return the location in your search result. Looking for where the area code 312 originates, type area code 312. We can also search in the reverse to find all area codes for a location. For example, looking to find the area code of Arizona? Simply type in the keyword like this area code Arizona.

18. Sports Update

Sports fan? There is an easy way to stay updated on the latest scores and news about your favorite team and players. The best Google search tip for sports updates is to enter the name of your team or two teams playing each other, and Google will return updated information about scores and match schedules.

Here is a practical example: looking for any updated information on the premier league game between Chelsea and Arsenal? All you have to do is enter the first team vs second team like this chelsea vs arsenal.

19. Google Zip Code Search

With this Google search tip, you can find zip codes for any address. The google search tip for this is to insert street number + street name + city + state and off you go with the result. Example 1100 LONGWORTH HOB, WASHINGTON, DC

20. Numeric Range Search

You can also get information within a range of numbers. The Google search tip here is to use two periods between a set of numbers and more powerful when combined with a set of keywords.  Assume you are looking for Lords of the rings data from 2001 to 2008, you can enter lord of the rings 2001 .. 2008

21. Weather Data via Google Search

Looking for weather information for a specific location? All you have to do is type in the location plus the keyword weather. Run the search, and Google will immediately display the current conditions, weather alert, and forecast if any for that location. Check out this example: let’s say you want to know the current weather condition of Georgia, USA. Simply type in Lagos Nigeria weather or weather Lagos Nigeria, and the results for the weather condition of Lagos will be displayed.

22. Google Search Calculator

Have some calculations to make? Use the google search bar by entering your calculation into the search bar.

Numerical operators are:

* for multiplication

+ for addition

– for subtraction

/ for division

For example, you are looking to sum up the numbers 40 and 78
You type in 40+78

23. Google Stop Watch

Are you carrying out a task that needs to be timed and you do not have a stopwatch handy use Google. Simply enter stopwatch into Google and a stopwatch tool pops up.

24. Google Timer

You can time your activities using a timer even if you do not have one. Entering the length of time and timer into Google will provide you with a count down timer tool. For instance, you need a 25 minutes timer for your Pomodoro Technique. Enter into Google 25 minute timer and walaaa! It automatically starts counting down.

25. Calculating Conversions

Google can be used to convert measurements or currencies. For example, You’re looking to convert 65 kg to pounds. Simply enter the following into Google, 65kg to pounds and the result shows up in search.

26. Calculation of Sunset and Sunrise

To determine the time of sunrise and sunset on specific days and/or locations (even days further away) we’d use the term sunrise or sunset. Here are three ways this Google search tip can be used.

Example 1:

sunrise {enter} – Here, Google uses your IP location

Example  2:
sunrise Abuja, Nigeria

Example 3:
sunset Abuja December 4, 2020

Final Thoughts

We all know how to use Google to search for queries but most of us do not know how to use these Google Search tips, tricks and hacks to their full potential. There are a lot more hacks and tips which we will cover in part two of this post. However, I leave you to digest these 26 Google Search tips along with some search shortcuts to find results for our search queries faster and with more reliable accuracy.

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