writing tools for New freelance writers: My top 10

writing tools for freelance writers

We are already faced with diverse forms of challenges as Nigerian freelance writers one of which is finding jobs. Therefore, getting out crisp, clear and quality writing shouldn’t also be a part of our struggles. Writers especially new freelance writers are usually faced with finding the best writing tools for new freelance writers.

The truth is writing is not as easy as people think it is, and with my writing experience, I have come to the conclusion that you have to rely on the help of various tools to deliver quality work.

The fact remains that with helpful writing tools for new freelance writers, your work becomes very much easier. With the right tools, you can build a compelling story, chisel out details, and measure your work results. It is better to use these writing tools than waste precious tools trying to organize your work.

Using these tools, you get to spend more time writing rather than organizing writing folders or trying to figure the right grammatical words or phrases.

Here Is A Compiled List Of Writing Tools For New Freelance Writers That Will Supercharge Your Writing Efficiency And Increase Productivity.

1. Microsoft Word

Microsoft word is the foundation of all writing software. A must for all writers, it is the standard that all other writing tools are built on. Ms Word as it is popularly called is one of the first writing software in the game. This makes it set the tone for the features that other writing software have.

Ms Word is one of the most essential writing tools every writer should be used to using when writing. It is your base for drafts, notes, editing ground, and many more.

2.    Grammarly

This is one of the best online writing tools for new freelance writers.

This writing assistant has saved many writers from potentially embarrassing and common mistakes when writing an article; it is simply a lifesaver. Apart from being super careful when writing, editing, and proofreading, we sometimes make mistakes and miss things.

That is where Grammarly comes in; the online assistant helps prevent that mistake from happening. There is a free version and the premium version. Grammarly’s free version will correct just the necessary spelling, grammar, spacing and punctuation errors.

Apart from these corrections, it also gives you a performance score for sentence length, word length, and readability status. At the same time, the premium version points out more complex writing issues in your uploaded text like the choice of words, punctuation in the compound, and complex sentences.

The version of Grammarly you choose to use depends on your needs, you and your budget.

3.    Power Thesaurus

Another struggle that writers face is having the right word in mind but can’t pen them down rightly. The solution to this disturbing problem is Thesaurus. There are many of them out there, but we are going to elaborate more on Power Thesaurus.

This writing tool is a straightforward one that gives a lot of information when you enter a word. When you run a word check on Power thesaurus, you are present with an easy-to-use table for synonyms, antonyms, word meaning, and even narrow context.

Want the verb or noun of a particular word? Simply run the word and select the verb, noun, or both. There are so many exciting options, and you will be surprised at how useful this writing tool compare to others. Based on research, other thesaurus tools have style, look amazing but come with little substance and don’t stand up to quality check.

4.    Note-taking app e.g., Evernote

Have you ever heard of Evernote? Well, it’s a free note-taking app that allows us to collect different types of notes such as photos, text, screenshots, voice memos, and others.

This writing tool is one of my best writing tools for new freelance writers because I use it all the time. You can organize notes taken with tags and folders for identification; that way, you never lose anything.

It doesn’t matter if you are working on a book, blog, or client’s work, Evernote can simply lessen tons of hassle and friction as you write.

After saving these notes, you can also access these notes through an installed program on your computer, via any web browser, or even through a smartphone installed app. When you save these notes on Evernote, it automatically syncs across all your devices. With this, you can always gain access to everything from your draft to your novel notes.

Evernote is so adaptable to anyone’s writing process and one of the must-have writing tools for new freelance writers.

5.    Cliché finder

Sometimes, when we write, we find ourselves overusing single words, expressions, and phrases to develop a well-written and quality piece. However, getting better expressions for your piece can be very difficult sometimes, which is why the use of Cliché finder is pretty essential.

This writing tool is designed to virtually eliminate clichés, improve communication skills in writing, which improves writing in great measure. For an optimized result, this tool utilizes a distinguished algorithm and is frequently updated.

All you have to do is past the text and then click the next button for the word clichés to be displayed.

6.    Medium

Another writing tool on our list, Medium, has become a popular platform for writers. Permit me to use the word ‘best’ again because this is one of my best writing tools for new freelance writers.

Medium is a digital writing platform that allows anyone to write smoothly, publish, and make money from their writing.

Medium platform pride itself as a platform that helps writers find compelling ideas, knowledge, and views. If you can’t afford to own your own self-hosted blog as a new freelance writer, this is your next best thing. Plus you get free traffic.

The platform also serves curious readers who love to learn new things with the combination of human voices and technology to find the best reading for both writers and readers. Writers who use Medium leverage the platform’s tools to reach more audiences and monetize their writing.

Medium comes with different advantages over other blogging platforms with appealing designs, high domain authority, and platform stability.

7.    After the Deadline

Here is another writing tool that is designed for general writing improvement. The writing tool assists writers to check spellings, perform advanced style and grammar analysis.

This tool is specifically designed to highlight errors, correct errors, highlight passive voice, clichés, redundant phrases, and complex expressions, and sometimes provide necessary grammar suggestions.

The tool is also a spelling checker that looks for misused words in your text and then reports back to you to make corrections. As a result of the high usage options and top quality,” After the deadline” made to our favourite top writing tools for writers.

8.    EditMinion

This free copy editor is designed to help you improve and enhance your writing. EditMinion points out common mistakes such as weak words, passive words, adverbs, wrong choice of words, and many other mistakes.

To get started with this tool, all you have to do is simply paste the text in the box and tap the “Edit” button. Boom! Off you go into the journey of text redefining.  This easy-peasy tool is one of the simplest writing tools for new freelance writers.

9.    FocusWriter

This is quite different from the writing tools we have been writing on. It is an easy distraction-free writing environment. This tool gets you back to work quickly through its word processor designed solely to eliminate distractions.

FocusWriter is a primary, lightweight, and completely free of distractions. When in use, there are no additional windows or toolbars, only background and your text. This is so that you can give your full concentration to your work.

It is a simple and effective writing tool with little and simple features and a customizable background. Currently, it’s available to only Linux and Windows users.

10.    Google Docs

I guess we are saving the best for the last. This is one of the practical writing tools for new freelance writers. This tool helps every writer to collaborate with editors and other writers. It is an easy-to-use tool and works anywhere with a large Google Drive cloud storage to back up your writing, notes, files, images, etc.

With Google Docs, you can also access on the go using your smartphone when you update your Google docs. This writing tool is quite similar to Microsoft Word only with a tiny minus, which is the easy-to-use collaboration feature. Anyone and everyone who has access to the file can work on it at their own end.

Users can also leave comments as well on the document, which is awesome for easy clarification and changes during the writing process. You can also see the entire document.

And because I love you like that, you will have one important bonus mention in my list of writing tools for new freelance writers.

Here it is:


This is simply a plagiarism checker. This tool helps you check that your copy is original and not available elsewhere on the web. If you have other writers do work for you, then this a great tool to have. It has a free and paid version which is very affordable too.

As a new freelance writer still working your way up and figuring things out, it’s best to start with free tools. All the writing tools for new freelance writers and apps listed above are totally free. Explore them and subscribe for premium versions when you are certain that you need more to grow your business. If you haven’t tried any of these, do check them out. If you have other favourites please share in the comments. We all could learn something new and fresh from your favourite writing tools for new freelance writers.

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